We have one of the largest collections of Vodka in the US!

Roughly 200 different Vodka brands, infusions, and flavors. 

Any of these vodkas can be served in any varieties of drinks, martinis or just as a chilled shot (Russian style). We don't succumb to the industry standards -- our tall, 2 oz shots are the minimum pour here, so drink responsibly! Vodka prices range from a $10-$13 for Standard & Mid-Shelf Vodkas, and $20 and Up for Premium & Ultra-Premium level Vodkas. 

And don't forget to try a Vodka Sampler; six 2 oz Vodka Shots of your choosing for just $50!

(Additional Charge for Premium Selections).

Our Vodka List Changes Regularly, So If You Have Any Questions About Our Vodka Offerings, Give Us a Call! Full Bar Options Available, As Well.

*Vodka List Subject To Change*


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